Wednesday, 12 February 2048

Recreational lab: recreate your command pattern

Going on vacation tomorrow so here is a lab:
Let's suppose you have an application where two J.V.M. cooperate across the wire (using some serialization).
Now consider things such as :
interface XY_R<X,Y,R> extends {X, Y => R} , Serializable {}
Some code using this (oos is an ObjectOutputStream and the code is in a static main) :
        XY_R<Double,Double, Double> func = { Double x, Double y => x+y } ;

        Double db = new Double(3.14);
        XY_R<Double,Double, Double> func2 = { Double x, Double y => x+y*db } ;

  • Experiment with more complex closures (embarking instance data)

  • Rewrite a command pattern with that (so one J.V.M can send a command to be executed by the other J.V.M) .

Have fun !
Sad note: though this looks fun, deployment problems are tricky (unless you download dynamically the anonymous inner classes from the JVM which initiates ) ... so it's not such a good idea after all!
Plus: since generics are a compile-time thing it does not make much sense here in a dynamic context so better stick to interface MyCommand extends {LocalContext => Result } , Serializable {}

.... I need vacations ....

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